My name is Jenny :) I'm a Directioner!♥♥ Deal with that! ;)) I don't except any hate against them or other Directioners. I'm not obsessed I just like to post alot of Pictures♥ The boys are amazing♥

In first place this blog is for One Direction but I also post some other stuff on here.

They changed my life in a positive way. Met many amazing people and became close friends with them now! Thank you One Direction for that opportunity to support amzing people like you ;))

"Hi we are One Direction!" <<< This is just one thing I could listen to all day! If you love them too then here is the right place for you:D You can find Quotes,Facts,Imagines and Photos♥

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ExtraordinHARRY,PhenomeNIALL, AmaZAYN,BriLIAM & FabuLOUIS♥♥
I Love Harry Styles♥ he's AMAZING! Deal with it ;)

My dream is it to meet One Direction in person one day!♥

Enjoy your stay on my Tumblr. Hope you like it♥


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